September 15, 2001

“Shoot-Down Orders” – ABC News

(Snippet. Emphasis mine.)

Shoot-Down Orders

Another Hijacked 9/11 Plane Threatened D.C.; Officials Saw Few Options

Sept. 15 — Just before 10 a.m. ET on Sept. 11, 2001, jet fighters were swarming around the nation's capital.


‘The Ground Just Shook’

On the ground in Shanksville, Pa., Assistant Volunteer Fire Chief Rick King, the proprietor of Ida's Country Store, was talking by phone with his sister Jody about the New York and Washington attacks.

He recalled: "She said to me, 'Rick, I hear a plane,' and I said, 'Yeah,' and she said, 'It's really loud.'"

Just outside Shanksville, Valencia McClatchey was startled by the noise and looked out her window to catch a glimpse of "a reflection of the sun hitting on something."

"I could hear the engines screaming," King said. "Seconds later it hit, and I remember, the ground just shook. Everything underneath my feet just rumbled."

"It almost jolted me to the point of losing my balance," McClatchey said.

She grabbed her camera and snapped a photo of what she saw.

"It was very startling against the clear blue sky to see that, a huge ball of smoke coming up," McClatchey said. (Expired)

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Moments after a hijacked jet smashed into a Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, 2001, local resident Valencia McClatchy snapped this shot from her home. (Valencia McClatchey)

Note that this ABC article dated 09/15/01 shows Val's "End of Serenity" photo in their video clip suggesting the earliest date her photo went public. It also quotes her saying she almost lost her balance after the explosion and just grabbed her camera and snapped her photo, but never mentions her being on the couch as she has claimed in other news articles and that she ran outside on her porch to take her photo. This may be because ABC wanted to keep her part of the story short and didn’t elaborate about all of her details.

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