September 25, 2006

Val on the attack; calls me a 'coward' on TV

I just stumbled upon a TV video clip of Val McClatchey on KDKA channel 2 (CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh) which was posted on their site back on the 10th. In the video clip and printed article, Val blasts me for my allegations that her photo may be a fake and calls me a “coward” for not setting foot in her town and make my claims:

Small Town Under Microscope Since 9/11

Sep 10, 2006


McClatchey, who titled her picture “End of Serenity”, is getting a taste of the worst.

I’d like to see him - the coward that he is - set foot out here and lay claim to that,” McClatchey said.

Recently a blog website has claimed McClatchey’s photo is a fraud.

“It makes me really mad, and that’s putting it politely in a very professional way - it makes my blood curl,” McClatchey said. “The simple fact is that they don’t even have their facts straight.”

First of all, the news keeps getting my allegations wrong. I’m not claiming her photo is a fake, I’m saying it may be a fake, or it’s real but shows an explosion originating closer to her house.

Second, Val says that I don’t have the “facts straight”. I’m really curious what facts I don’t have straight that she’s referring too!

Third, what happened to all the investigating reporters? Why aren’t they questioning Val about her very odd story behind the photo? She has motive and opportunity to be in on faking her photo (if it is indeed fake) and the FBI has their fingerprints all over it too.

Also, why haven’t any of these news and TV companies have their photo and graphic arts experts analyze her photo to prove any of my allegations wrong? Are they “cowards”?

At least I’m glad the media is at least keeping the story alive even if they don’t have my allegations quite correct and are not questioning Val or her husband about her story.

(Article archived here.)


Anonymous said...

for some reason, my last comment didn't post...she's probably an operative in the Psy-Op/Black-Op...
of course, that's only my OPINION...

Ennealogic said...

Dear Ms. McClatchey,

I assume you and or your associates peruse Killtown's blog -- given the fact that you are so furious about his musing about the authenticity of the picture you took on September 11, 2001.

You could provide answers to a lot of the speculation by providing Killtown with a digital copy of the original camera shot. That would be simple to do, and cost no more than an email.

What do you say?