November 30, 2006

Photoshop submissions from InfoWars forum

From InfoWars forum.

By AudioWhore.

By AudioWhore.

Val's gotta have faitha-faitha faithaa ... go george @ shanksville
- joseph hall

“Nana Gin is out from Redfern to Pennsylvania.. she tell them dawgs to bee'ave”
- Aboriginal Australia

Sorry, but this one just had to be done.” - joseph hall

By AudioWhore.

By websuspect.

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November 04, 2006

Video of a real plane crash smoke plume

Here is a smoke plume from the crash of a large commercial jetliner (Tupolev 154*):

Here is how dissipated the plume is about 30 sec after it formed:

Compare that to the "Flight 93 plume" that had to travel about 250yd in 50 sec from the reported 9 knot wind to line up with this shot:

*Not 100% sure this link is of the same crash as the video. Regardless, look at the size and amount of debris it left after it crashed.