January 02, 2007

93 Ambassador says Val's photo taken 'within seconds' of impact


"This cloud picture was taken from a mile away within seconds of the crash. The FBI says that had to be within a couple seconds because the wind immediately moved the cloud east toward Bedford and all this debris kept falling out it as it went, so they had to send people tracking it -- climbing on rooftops and treetops, through fields...”

Val suggested in an interview of her that the FBI timed her photo out to have been taken “approx. 5 seconds” after impact:

"timed it out -- it was approximately 5 seconds after impact that I snapped the photo."

And the FBI is confirming the time:

The FBI says it is the only known image taken within seconds of the crash.” – Post-Gazette (09/12/06)

Val also mentioned in her interview that the FBI said they saw debris coming out of the smoke plume in her photo and that’s why they wanted to take her camera’s memory card back with them:

Well the FBI, when they came in, they looked at it on my computer which is a lot clearer. They could actually see what they appear to be debris flying out from that cloud of smoke which I'm sure with modern technology they could do a little more scientific evidence I believe

…apparently the FBI thought it was worthwhile; they took the original memory card.

One thing to note about the alleged time Val took this photo, Val claimed she almost got knocked off her couch from the force of the impact about 1.5 miles from her house and then she immediately jumped up and ran out of her house grabbing her camera that she said she had ready at the door for her friends alleged helicopter flyover that morning.

Since she is about 1.5 miles from the crater, the shockwave from an explosion at that distance would have taken about 8 seconds to reach her house, so it would have been impossible for her to have taken her photo 5 seconds after impact. The minimum time she could have taken this photo would be about 13 seconds after impact and remember that the plume in her photo is 250+ yards south of the crater and it would have taken about 50 seconds to travel that distance in a 9 knot wind!

*The memorial Ambassadors are reciting the official story to visitors:

Local 'ambassadors' tend to Flight 93 site

The ambassadors say they try not to speculate too much. During a training process led by Ms. Glessner, ambassadors agree to stick to the official 9/11 Commission Report or to say, "We don't know." – Post-Gazette (09/12/06)


"Today Ambassadors are at the temporary memorial every day of the year and have welcomed over one million visitors from all over the world. They have participated in rigorous educational training to become familiar with details of Flight 93 and the passengers and crewmembers to inform visitors about what happened here on 9/11." - HonorFlight93.org

Video taken at the Flight 93 Memorial by 9/11 researcher Gideon524.