March 02, 2011

Witness: There should have been more smoke

WITNESS: ...and it was fairly low.  It wasn't treetop low, but it was lower than it should have been.  And like I said it was cocked like it had been turning to the left.  And, just in a nose dive position once it cleared the tree tops I couldn't see it no more.  And then when I got out to [Hwy] 30 is when I seen the big puff of smoke, and-- I even had thought to myself that there should have been more smoke than that whenever it crashed cause the jet was extremely big.  But, you know-- even when I was telling the dentist about it he thought I was talkin' commercial-- er-- you know a small aircraft that would be a personal airplane.  And I said no it was-- it was a big one.

ANDY BRIGGS (KDKA): Did you HEAR something?  You say you just saw the smoke.

WITNESS: No, I didn't.  And I even-- I stopped in the road.  And, you know, cause I had to take a second to realize what I had seen.  And I had tried calling my mom on my cell phone, and I couldn't get a hold of her..

More evidence that the 'End of Serenity' photo, with the massive smoke plume seen in it, is a fraud.

Hat tip to Ligon.

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