August 10, 2006

Flight 93 News Blackout

Flight 93 News Blackout

by Victor Thorn

9-11 researcher Killtown [McClatchey photo blogpost makes mainstream news] made a very insightful observation today when pointing out that there was a nearly complete alternative media news blackout on a major Flight 93 article that appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. He wrote:

“I just noticed WRH (What Really Happened), Rense, and all 20 of Jones’ sites failed to post the Gazette article [Conspiracy theorists blog that Flight 93 photo is fake]. You'd think ONE of them would have picked up the story which gave HUGE exposure for the 9/11 truth movement. Is it because they hate you guys and me?”

Consider: Killtown has done some fantastic work in trying to determine whether Val McClatchey’s famous “mushroom cloud” photograph at Shanksville is authentic or not [Val McClatchey Photo: More Smoking Guns, or Total Fraud?]. On top of that, a mainstream newspaper in Pittsburgh picked-up on the story and ran with it. Yet Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Mike Rivero, and almost every other alternative media outlet - not to mention 9-11 "truth" sites - completely ignored this story. Why? Flight 93 is one of the most important pieces of the 9-11 puzzle - and one in which the government's lies are most easily exposed - yet it's been almost completely excluded from the radar screen. Inexcusable, and a great disservice to all those who want the ultimate truth about 9-11.

What’s the purpose of even having an “alternative media” when they relay LESS vital 9-11 information than the mainstream media does? In addition, we have pointed out in Phantom Flight 93 that there are so many smoking gun inconsistencies with the Shanksville “crater” that we could blow this entire case open in days. Yet these above-mentioned members of the alternative media containment cabal act as if Flight 93 didn’t even exist.

How can the mainstream media be reporting more on this subject than those who are supposedly at the forefront of this movement? What are they trying to hide, and what is their purpose in doing so? What we’re talking about is an unadulterated NEWS BLACKOUT that is worse than what the corporate press does. Worst of all, this certainly isn’t the first time they’ve engaged in such a cover-up. Ask yourself: why are Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and other leaders of the 9-11 "truth movement" even in this field if they're going to continually cover-up breaking 9-11 information?

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Matthew Maltby said...

Watch it Bro. If they, (NWO Inc.) can do JFK, RFK, Marlyn, Martin Luther King, Elvis, Diana, Robert Maxwell, Etc. they can do you!