August 12, 2006

Flight 93 photo plume comparison


Here is Val McClatchey's photo that supposedly shows the smoke plume created after Flight 93 allegedly crashed about 1.5 miles away from her house where she took this photo:

(Photo source: Shanksville Memorial)

As I've shown, the smoke plume in her photo is way to big to have come from the alleged crash spot. Val says she snapped her photo about 5 seconds after almost being knocked off her couch from the explosion. Wind gusts near the crash spot were only 9 knots blowing SE.

Here is an example of what a smoke plume from a real plane crash would have looked like if it came from the alleged Flight 93 crash site, about 1.5 miles away from where this photo was taken:

(Comparison photo by Rumpl4skn.)

(Gif by Rumpl4skn.)

Here is the video clip of where this dark smoke plume in the comparison photo came from. It is from a B-52 military jet crashing:

Here is a video clip of a re-enactment of the Pearl Harbor attack at the Dayton Air Show. Notice all the "short pulse" explosions that were set off look exactly like the plume in Val's photo:

Here is a video clip of exploding a munitions cache and notice that the color and shape of the plume looks exactly like the grey smoke plume in Val's photo rather than the thick dark smoke plume of the jet crash:

"Now that's a friggin' mushroom cloud there!"

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