August 28, 2006

Jones Jones'd Flight 93 photo evidence news

I was really disappointed that some of the "big boys" in the alternative press (,, didn't pick up on the story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Aug. 6 earlier this month about my smoking gun finds in Val McClatchey's infamous 'Flight 93' photo which shows that plume in her photo is an ordnance blast that had to have originated from a different location, or that the photo is possibly a fake.

I emailed Lisa Guliani and Victor Thorne at WING TV a couple of days after the story broke expressing my disappointment about these three big websites I had admired in the past stiffing this story that had made mainstream news (I had even emailed all three of them about this story!).

I had mentioned WING TV in my original blogpost because they had previously interviewed Val at her work about her photo and the Post-Gazette article mentioned WING too. Victor then wrote and article on the 10th blasting the "Big 3" for not picking up on the story.

A couple of days after Thorne's story came out, I noticed something peculiar. I had been tracking the Post-Gazette story daily to see who was picking it up on the internet by doing web searches (that's how I noticed that the "Big 3" didn't pick it up on their websites) and all of a sudden I saw links to on my internet search results. This was weird because I had been checking the "Big 3" sites daily to see if they had picked it up and I swore I never saw PrisonPlanet link it, but then again I never looked on for the article, but only on I started to feel bad that I accused PrisonPlanet of stiffing the story.

So I checked out to see if they had linked to it, but I still didn't see it (maybe it was only linked on I then realized they probably only had it up for a day or two, so I started checking their archives. This is where is gets interesting. I finally found which day had linked it. They had it liked on the Wednesday the 9th under their "Police State" section. However when I clicked on the link, in which I noticed that they had archived the story, they had the date of the story as 10th! How could they have linked to their archived story on the 9th when they archived it on the 10th??? (Remember that the original story came out on the Sunday the 6th and Thorne's article was posted up on the 10th!)

They obviously tried to sneak it on their site after they felt the pressure from Thorne's article that they had censored it. Also, if you notice on their archived page of the 9th, the link to the article is almost at the top under the "Police State" section which means they had just linked it. On Jones' mirror sites, had it listed first on their "Breaking News" section along with under the "Other News" section which confirms they had quickly added it before the day was over. I never saw it linked at, or at

So why did Jones first censor this important smoking gun story that made mainstream news and then try to sneak on his multiple sites? Is it because he hates WING TV that much (or me) that he couldn't put aside his personal feelings and help capitalize on this opportune moment about a 9/11 smoking gun being mentioned in the news and then only snuck it on his sites so as to not appear he was censoring it? Pathetic.

He also didn't even link to my original blogpost that the Post-Gazette article was written about on his archived page. At the very least, he could have done that in which the Post-Gazette article also failed to do.

Well at least I'm somewhat happy that he eventually archived this important smoking gun story (even if he snuck it on there) because this story is important and having it on his sites means more people are exposed to it.

But what's Michael Rivero's (WRH) and Jeff Rense's excuse for not linking the story? They couldn't put their personal differences with WING TV aside for the sake of the truth movement either?

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