August 27, 2006

Phun with Photoshopping

(Updated: 01/02/07)

Would it be impossible for someone to have photoshopped the plume seen on Val McClatchey's infamous Flight 93 photo? You decide...

Here is the original:

I asked for people to photoshop objects on the sky of her photo (newest entries first):

- Berliner Kindl

- Melle Belle

- Melle Belle

- StillDiggin

By Brad from

By ~GmX.

"ait, here's my contribution to this. 5min in fusion5" - 4saken

"that's my for real one lol. it took 5 mins" - Braheem

"lol its united 93? see it was on fire before it hit the ground cuz a missile hit it" - Braheem

"I'm not sure we should discount the Romulans" - Nevermore

"You can add this, I did it 30 minutes, and I'm a noob at Photoshop, so anyone could edit these photos. It's not the best, but what the hell I was bored." - Sureshot

"Ooopss.. I've blown up the crater." - mgldzcrr

"10 minutes..." - rattler14

"Took me roughly 10-15mins..." - Barcoded

"'s a link to a whipped up plume behind Val's farm." - Lee Franklin

"Here's a quick one." - Tony

Following by Tarya:


By 2Faced.

"This was also made under 20 mins, so a quick job." - Kingston

"Here you go. Took me roughly 10-15mins." - broodlinger

And for quick clean-up...

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Anonymous said...

Correctamundo, the Val photo is a genuine fake! Many of the photos here
also show the artifacts of being faked. But some of these "photoshoped" efforts are much better than the McClatchey photo.

Examine her photo at the pixel level, enlarge it 300% or more, then follow the pasting lines above the buildings. You'll note, in the blgds, the camera's pixel pattern, then you'll note how it changes above to reveal the lines of the paste in. In fact, the rising smoke plume is shifted at one point and doesn't rise smoothly to the sky as it should.

Conclusion: The photo is a fake!


Anonymous said...

Fun with Photoshop assignment #2 & #3:

Hollywood fantasies "UNITED 93" and "FLIGHT 93" posters: